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The educational activity at the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia is closely related to the developmental, research and evaluational activities of the Centre. The educational programme is intended for staff employed in the field of transfusion medicine and other health workers who need proficiency and practical skills in the field of transfusion medicine.

The educational activites are diverse and include:


There are more than 25 different educational programmes which last from 2 hours to 160 hour of organised teaching in transfusion medicine. In the school term of 2000/2001, 1,942 hours of lectures and 246 hours of practical training were carried out.

The lecturers are doctors - specialists in transfusion medicine, pharmacists - specialists in designing drugs or clinical pharmacy, biologists, microbiologists, chemists and electro technicians working in the field of transfusion medicine.

Nurses, registered nurses as well as engineers in laboratory medicine and biomedical engineers working at the Centre participate in the practical training of participants.

The Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia collaborates with educational institutions and expert associations. Transfusion medicine is on the curricula for obtaining a diploma or a degree.

Contact person:
Cvetka Gregorc, Head official of education
Tel. +386 (0)1 5438 197
Fax. +386 (0)1 2302 224

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