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The Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia has been organizing art exhibitions for many years. The works of art are exhibited for the enjoyment of the blood donors, to adorn their surroundings.

We prepare 3 to 4 exhibitions per year. Each exhibition is focused on blood donors from a specific region so that we host the blood donors as well as the artist from that region. One of the last gatherings was of blood donors from the Karst region, with Prof. Dr. Bojana Boh, an artist form the Karst region, exhibiting her paintings.

The photograph is from the opening of one of the last exhibitions.

Artists who have had exhibitions at the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia:

  • Daribor Subašič (photographs)
  • Bojan Štine (sculptures)
  • Peter Kozin (photographs)
  • Dušan Filipčič, academic artist (paintings)
  • Maksim Sedej (paintings)
  • Peter Ciuha (graphics)
  • Jože Ciuha, academic artist (paintings)
  • Anton Wolf (paintings)
  • Andrej Strahovnik (photographs)
  • Marta Jakopič-Kunaver (paintings)
  • Majda Zorko-Gašparič (paintings)
  • Van Eyk (paintings)
  • Uršula Berlot (paintings)
  • Metod Bohinc (paintings)
  • Miki Muster (caricatures)
  • Stane Ermenc (paintings)
  • Karel Pečko (paintings)
  • Anton Dolenc (paintings)
  • Vladimir Potočnik, academic painter (paintings)
  • Marja Zorn-Pogorelec (photographs)
  • Marko Trebušak (photographs)
  • Dutch artists living in Slovenia (Van Eyck, Dirk Heijn, Henrie Lodewijk)
  • Bojana Boh (paintings)
  • Stojan Grauf (paintings)

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