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The Internet home site of the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia is intended for anyone who is interested in blood supply or is in any way connected to it. This area of health care may have been overshadowed by more spectacular clinical fields, but it doesn't lag behind in importance. Its range and its indirect link to the public make it incomparable to any other field of health care. The importance of blood supply has increased with newly discovered blood transmitted illnesses, emphasising the necessity of safe blood and high-quality blood transfusion.

This site enables you to follow the path of the blood from the vein of the blood donor to the vein of the patient. Safe blood along this path can be guaranteed only by means of a complex system of services and procedures which are followed up by dedicated and trained specialists using a specially created computer program. Safe blood therefore has its price, which at a social level cannot be assessed by the price of blood products and drugs made from blood. Blood is a national good, so its clinical use demands expediency and respect.

During the decades after World War II, Slovenia in collaboration with the Red Cross of Slovenia developed a special tradition of blood donation, which, with a few changes, it wishes to preserve even as an independent country. The positive side of the Slovene national character is shown in a self-sufficient blood supply with unpaid, anonymous and voluntary blood donations. Its benefactors are numerous patients, children and their mothers, and haemophiliacs, and these Internet pages are also intended for them. Slovenian health care without this good organisation of blood supply would neither be safe nor developed.

You are invited to step into the BTCS web page. It will give us pleasure if anyone surfing through it becomes a blood donor. We also hope that it will be used by health care workers and those engaged in health care policy making in Slovenia.

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